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Emtek Tuscany Bronze Entry Door Handle - Complete Lockset

Emtek Tuscany Bronze Entry Door Handle
(Exterior trim shown in Medium Bronze finish,
Interior trim shown in Deep Burgundy finish with Parma knob)

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Medium Bronze
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Door needs two standard 2-1/8" bores with 5-1/2" center-to-center hole spacing.

Emtek locks have Schlage-keyed cylinders - only Schlage keys are compatible with Emtek locks.

Single-cylinder fits doors 1-1/2" to 2" thick. For thicker doors up to 2-7/8", please specify.

Double-cylinder fits doors 1-3/4" to 2" thick. For thicker doors up to 2-5/8", please specify.

Single-cylinder locks have a keyed-cylinder on the exterior side, and a thumb-turn on the inside. The single-cylinder function is the most common, providing exterior security, but the thumb-turn provides safety for an easy exit in case of fire or other emergency.

Single-cylinder interconnected entry locks have the usual single-cylinder locking function, but as an additional feature it has a device that connects the interior handle to the deadbolt. When you turn the handle from the inside of your home, the device will simultaneously retract the deadbolt to unlock the door. This adds convenience when your are exiting your home so you do not need to unlock your deadbolt with a separate action - it will automatically unlock itself when you open the door from the inside.

Double-cylinder locks are commonly used on doors with glass panels, or nearby windows, to prevent intruders from reaching through the glass to unlock the door (as a key is required to unlock the bolt from both the inside and outside of the door). However, safety concerns are raised with double-cylinder locks as it is more difficult to unlock the door from the inside when trying to escape in case of fire (because a key is required to open the locked door). In most cases we do not recommend double-cylinder locks.


Dummy sets have no active locking or latching function. They are typically used on the inactive side of a double-door to give the complete appearance of an entry set on both doors - an active functioning set would be installed on one door, and a dummy set would would be installed on the other door.

Product Contents:

This complete entry lock set includes everything you need for one door:

  • 1 - exterior handle and trim
  • 1 - interior handle and trim
  • 1 - Schlage-keyed cylinder, housing collar (Qty.=2 for double-cylinders)
  • 1 - hardened steel bolt with brass faceplate attached
  • 1 - brass trim strikeplate for bolt
  • 1 - heavy-duty steel understrike
  • 1 - latch
  • 1 - strikeplate
  • 1 - faceplate
  • Screw pack (includes mounting screws for rosette, strikeplate, faceplate, etc)
  • Dummy mounting plates (with dummy sets only)

Emtek Tuscany entry door handle Product Features:

Emtek's bronze entry sets are forged (not cast or stamped) from solid bronze to yield thick and heavy products for a truly solid look and feel.

Emtek's latch nose-bolts, strikeplates, and faceplates are solid brass.

Emtek lever door handles have a fixed stop at the top of their stroke so that it only rotates downward, not up-and-down like most products you find at large home improvement centers.

Emtek door knobs and lever door handles are supported by springs behind the rosette or backplate that will actively return the door handles back to their original "rest" position to prevent sag.

Latches are heavy-duty diecast construction with strong internal springs and solid brass nose bolts.

A plastic bushing located in the joint between handle and rosette ensures a friction free wear surface - preventing metal from bearing on metal and provides smooth long-lasting operation.

Door handles are connected to the rosettes and backplates with a permanent clip.

Spindles are spring-loaded "half-spindles" pre-installed into the base of each door handle.

Each Emtek door handle has a set screw which, when tightened, eliminates wobbling of the door handle.

The threaded tubes inside an Emtek lock are machined brass.

Emtek Products, Inc. warrants all items to be free of finish/mechanical defects for 5 years from the purchase date given the following conditions are upheld:

  1. The item has not been modified, abused, misused, or improperly installed, maintained, and/or repaired.
  2. The item does not have an "aging" finish applied to it. Meaning, there is no warranty for items with Oil Rubbed Bronze, French Antique, Rust, Deep Burgundy, Medium Bronze, Flat Black Patina and Silver Patina finishes.
To make a warranty claim please contact us at Homestead Hardware.

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