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Door Hardware Categories:

Door Hardware - Door Knobs

Door Knobs

Interior passage, privacy, dummy knobs
Door Hardware - Lever Door Handles

Lever Door Handles

Interior passage, privacy, dummy levers
Door Hardware - Keyed Knob Locks

Keyed Knob Locks

Keyed door knobs for exterior and interior use
Door Hardware - Keyed Lever Locks

Keyed Lever Locks

Keyed door levers for exterior and interior use
Door Hardware - Entry Door Handle Sets

Entry Door Handle Sets

Exterior entry locks - single or double-keyed
Decorative exterior handles
Door Hardware - Mortise Lock Sets

Mortise Locks

Exterior mortise lockset handles offer heavy-duty security
Door Hardware - Decorative Door Handle Plates

Door Handle Plates

Decorative plates for interior passage, privacy, dummy use
Door Hardware - Deadbolt Door Locks

Deadbolt Door Locks

Lock your door with a bolt for interior or exterior use
Door Hardware - Door Keypad Keyless Locks

Keyless Door Locks

Digital door keypad electronic locks for interior or exterior use
No keys required!
Door Hardware - Door Pulls

Door Pulls

Decorative door pull handles for interior or exterior use
Door Hardware - Pocket Door Frame Kits

Pocket Door Kits

Make pocket door installation quick & easy with a pocket door frame kit
Door Hardware - Jambmaster Door Installation Tool

Jambmaster© Door Installation Tool

Tired of long hours spent hanging doors? This door-hanging tool will save you time and money!

Make your home truly yours with door hardware to fit your style

American Heritage Style Emtek "Cortina" Lever Door HandleWhether you are building a new home, remodeling, restoring, or just giving your home an upgrade, door hardware can truly bring out the style and tastes of what makes your home yours. Homestead Hardware provides you with a large selection of door hardware types, materials, designs, finish colors, and sizes to fit perfectly in your home. Here you will find designer and decorative door hardware for any style home from genres such as classic American heritage, vintage and antique American, American colonial, rustic and old-west American, Victorian, Tuscany and Renaissance Italy, classic French, contemporary and ultra-modern, Arts and Crafts, and other door hardware styles.

Emtek Arts & Crafts Style Brass Entry Door Handle SetFor the front of your house, choose from numerous options in entry door handle sets, decorative keyed door handle plates, or mortise lock sets. For the remaining exterior doors of your home we have tons of exterior door hardware options to keep your house locked up. Check out our deadbolts, keyed knob locks, keyed lever locks, and other bolt accessories that can lock your door from the inside only. If you truly want an upgrade in door hardware technology, go with a keyless door-keypad lock. These high-tech electronic locks are rising in popularity for making entry into your home easier for you, but much tougher for any unwanted visitors! With a digital keypad, no keys are needed to unlock your door, and some designs don't even require you to punch in a code - just be within a certan proximity of your door and it will unlock.

Antique Hardware Emtek Crystal "Astoria Emerald" Door KnobTo add elegance and style to the interior of your home, the door hardware options here are almost limitless. Upgrade with door knobs and lever door handles of all styles. Buy passage sets for hallway and closet doors, privacy sets for your bathrooms and bedrooms, or non-functioning dummy sets for doors that catch shut such as closet doors and double doors. Deadbolts and other locking devices are also commonly used on the interior of homes to limit access to specific rooms and areas.

Every door in and around your home requires door hardware - so make the perfect choice at Homestead Hardware. Just browse our door hardware to see the endless possibilities!

Victorian Style Emtek Brand Brass "Victoria" Door Knob on "Victoria" PlateBrass door hardware is available in colonial, vintage, classic, contemporary styles, and more, yielding a huge variety of door hardware styles from which you can choose. Brass door hardware is also an incredibly versatile material to which many different finish colors can be applied. You can select whichever finish color will complement your doors and make your door hardware stand out in a spectacular way. Some of our most popular finish colors are Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, and French Antique - along with many others. With brass offering so many options, colors, and combinations in between, you are sure to find a good match for your home, tastes, and budget.

Tuscany Style Bronze Emtek "Petal" Door KnobBronze door hardware will satisfy a whole new world of tastes and designs. "Sandcast" bronze will suit those looking for that rustic look and feel for south-western and old country or farm style homes. The finish colors available for bronze door hardware can really enhance that aged appearance a rustic home deserves. Bronze door hardware products are also perfect for the elegant "Tuscany" style homes that draw their shape and style from the artistic Renaissance-age of Italy. Such hardware styles often feature highly-detailed curves and floral patterns and will add a touch of high-class to your Tuscany style home.

Rustic Style Wrought Steel Emtel "San Carlos" Lever Door HandleWrought steel door hardware is another common material used in "old-west" rustic style homes. Steel door hardware naturally gives off that rough, country look that these old-style homes desire and is available with finish colors to match. Steel door hardware is often combined with wrought iron doors to complete that southwestern look.

Modern Style Stainless Steel Emtek "Triton" Lever Door HandleStainless steel door hardware has the opposite effect on style that wrought steel does - it sets the ultra-modern tone for today's contemporary homes. Stainless steel hardware is often comprised of smooth, simple, and hard-angle shapes. Satin Nickel and Polished Chrome finishes are very popular to enhance the sleek appearance of modern hardware.


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